Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meet the newest member of the Lacquered Lover family - Elle! (Puppy Spam!!!)

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today, I'm taking a detour from nail polish to tell you all about the newest member of my family, my rescue dog Elle!

I have always grown up with dogs.  We had two rescue beagles when I was younger and my parents have a rescue cocker spaniel now.  I have always wanted a dog in the city and felt that as I approach my 30th birthday and have gone through some life changes, now was the time for me to adopt a pup of my own!  I was searching for about 2 months before I found little Elle.  I knew I wanted to rescue because there are so many dogs out there that need good homes.  

I found the wonderful organization Animal Lighthouse Rescue who works with an organization down in Puerto Rico that takes in dogs that needs homes and then flies them up to the US to be adopted.  Elle was found at not even a year old and pregnant.  She had 6 puppies and all were adopted and then it was Elle's turn!  Elle was being fostered by two wonderful people in Brooklyn when I met her and it was love at first sight!  I'm so thankful to Ava and Ryan for taking such good care of her and Julie at Animal Lighthouse for all of her help with my adoption!

Yes she's completely taken over my bed

My mom got this adorable pic of Elle and her "grandpa" sleeping together

So, everyone, meet Elle!  My adorable year and a half old, mostly beagle, mush of a dog.  I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a companion to rescue a dog because they give so much love and not only do you rescue them, but they rescue you too.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lacquered Lover on CNN!

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers!  Happy Wednesday!  If you follow any of my social media, you know I've been busy lately with a new pup in my life but I will save that for another post!  Today, I want to tell you guys about how I was featured on CNN for my new favorite hobby, coloring!

Nail Polish is Jin Soon

Being a blogger, I obviously love color and when I heard about these gorgeous adult coloring books, I had to give them a try.  CNN International tracked me down through Twitter because they were doing a story on these books so they came to my apartment to interview me!  Take a look at the link below!

Here are a few more images:

What did you think of my TV debut?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christian Louboutin Wherever Swatches and Review!

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Thursday!  Today, I wanted to share with you a splurge of mine that I am super excited about.  Christian Louboutin released a line of 50 nail lacquers earlier this Fall in a gorgeous, custom bottle that as a collector and lover of all things nail polish, I simply had to buy.  The bottle was created to resemble the classic Louboutin shoes (which used red nail polish originally to color the soles) and has a hefty $50 price tag.  The collection has everything from nudes to brights to metallics to darks.  Now, without further ado, onto the polish!

 Above:  Christian Louboutin Wherever

 Above: Christian Louboutin Wherever Packaging

 Above:  Christian Louboutin in indirect light
Above:  Christian Louboutin Wherever with Flash

Well, as all of my blog readers know, I love blue nail polish.  It's probably my favorite color.  And Christian Louboutin Wherever does NOT disappoint!  This was a one coater, although I used two just out of habit.  But really, this is what the shade looked like after one.  The Sephora website describes it as being an ink blue but I would say it's somewhere between ink and cobalt, slightly darker than a royal blue but not yet navy.  It's absolutely stunning and went on so well.  The 6 inch handle took a bit of getting used to but was surprisingly easy on my non-dominant hand.  I actually LOVED this polish!

Is it worth the $50 price tag?  Well, no, probably not.  But I bought this as a collectors piece, not to switch all my daily nail polishes to this price range.  The bottle is gorgeous and now lives on my book shelf to be displayed.  I will probably purchase a few more because the formula was fantastic and I love the bottle (plus my  nails felt very fancy wearing $50 nail polish) but I certainly wouldn't get every color, will keep it for the special ones.

What did you think of this polish?  Would you spend $50 on these?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lacquistry Amazeballs Extra Fine and OPI Sheer Tints Nail Art!

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today, I have some super fun nail art to share with you!  As you might remember from a few posts back, the new OPI Sheer Tints can be a really fun way to dress up a manicure and do some simple nail art!


Well this past week, I finally bought Lacquistry Amazeballs Extra Fine, a super reflective one coat polish.  I then added some sheer tints for some nail art!  Now, without further ado, onto the polish!

 Above:  Lacquistry Amazeballs Extra Fine with flash

 Above:  Lacquistry Amazeballs without flash

Above:  Lacquistry Amazeballs with macro shot

Lacquistry Amazeballs is, well, amazeballs!  This super reflective flakie polish is a warm leaning gold that has this much coverage in ONE COAT.  It's basically the magical unicorn of nail polish.  Super bright, super shiny, just absolutely gorgeous!  AS you can see in the first picture, it almost looks like glitter but it's really not, just a reflective coating to the nails.

Then, since I wanted some color, I did the exact design I did the last time with the OPI Sheer Tints.

Had to include my macro olloclip shots as well.  The darker parts you see are the reflection of my phone because that's how reflective this polish is, it acts like a mirror!  I love how the shiny, reflective flakiness of Amazeballs still shines through but how vibrant the shades become with the OPI Sheer Tints.  I'm really a fan of them!

All in all, I"m obsessed with all of these polishes.  Bright, fun, reflective, and unlike anything else in my massive collection.  Now to talk myself out of buying the other 3 sizes of Amazeballs!

What did you think of these polishes?  What did you think of this nail art?  Would you try it?  

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Art Gradient!

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you all!  I LOVE coming back to work on a Tuesday and only having a 4 day week!  Feels like I won a prize!  For the long weekend, I went down to Washington DC with my boyfriend and his family and we had a fantastic time.  I decided to do some fun Zoya Pixie Dust nail art because they just wear like iron on me (and let me tell you, the little girls I was with were OBSESSED with it!)  5 days later, it's still wearing strong!  Now, without further ado, onto the polish!

So I did this gradient a little differently than usual.  Rather than just sponge the entire gradient, first I painted each nail half of each color.  So for the thumb, on the outside is Tomoko and the inside is Solance.  The pointer finger is Solange and then Beatrix.  The middle finger is Beatrix and then Dhara.  The ring finger is Dhara and then Miranda and then the pinkie finger is Miranda to Arabella.  Then I mixed a tiny bit of the two colors for each finger on a piece of wax paper and just dabbed that in the middle of the nail with a makeup sponge. I love how this ended up looking like a sunset with the bright colors and they just blend so well.  The best part is that the entire manicure took about 10 minutes and then it was dry a few minutes after that!

I really love all of the Pixie Dust nail polishes.  Zoya did a fantastic job with them!  They are vibrant, sparkly, a wonderful texture and dry super fast.  I find myself reaching for these more than anything else!  They are all available now wherever Zoya is sold for $10 each.

What did you think of this nail art?  Would you try it?  

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Deborah Lippmann 80's Rewind Dot Nail Art!

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Friday to you all!  If you are in the US, happy 3 day weekend!  I'm heading down to DC this weekend with my boyfriend and his family and am so excited to get out of NYC for a few days!  But first, I had to show you the adorable manicure I did with my new favorite Summer nail polish collection, Deborah Lippmann's 80's Rewind Collection!  Now, without further ado, onto the polish!

I think this is one of my favorite manicures I have done recently!  I wanted to use all of the colors in this collection without making it look like a rainbow.  Since they are all super pigmented, I figured out that the yellow matched all of them and I could do dots!  I didn't want to just do "normal" polka dots though so I used two different sized dotting tools and switched up the direction of the designs!  I really love how it came out!  

Let's talk about the colors quickly.  Each color only required two coats and actually seemed like 1 coaters, highly pigmented with a creamy, easy to use formula.  On the thumb is Don't Stop Believing, which is a very orange based red, super bright and cheery for summer.  The pointer finger is Video Killed the Radio Star, a perfect dark royal blue.  The middle finger is Whip It, a bright slightly blue leaning pink.  The ring finger is probably my favorite, She Drives Me Crazy, a gorgeous green leaning teal.  Lastly the pinkie finger is Maniac, a bright purple cream.  All of the dots were done with Walking on Sunshine, possibly the best yellow creme I have ever encountered, so opaque that each dot only had to be placed on once.

Above:  A closer look at each nail

I really love this collection.  The colors are super bright and cheery for summer.  I'm so, so glad someone finally made a yellow that is super pigmented, not streaky, and works like a charm!  This is just so perfect for summer, every color had a wonderful formula and are great staples to have in your collection.  These polishes are all available now wherever Deborah Lippmann is sold for $18, but they are limited edition so be sure to snag them (especially Walking on Sunshine, Video Killed the Radio Star and She Drives Me Crazy!)

What did you think of these colors?  Would you try it?  Any must haves?  Any dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Spring 2014 Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Happy Thursday to you all!  Here in the US, we are gearing up for a long weekend (yay!) so today, I have some fun makeup to share with you!  Last night, I was lucky to be invited to a Birchbox Birchbloggers event at the Madison Avenue Cynthia Rowley Boutique.  It is such an adorable spot in NYC, hidden behind a gorgeous gate with a small candy area upstairs for little girls to have birthday parties!  Last night, we got to preview the new Spring 2014 Makeup Collection by Cynthia Rowley and were gifted it to take home!

The new collection consists of an eyeshadow palette with 5 shades, 5 new pencil eyeliners, and a trio of lightweight lip stains.  I have some quick swatches for you today and will work on more coming up!  Now, without further ado, onto the makeup!

Above:  Eyeliners from the top down - Silver, Charcoal, Violet, Sky Blue, Black

First up are the eyeliners.  I have to say, I was very impressed with the formula on these, the shimmery ones reminded me a bit of the Urban Decay formulation and the Sky Blue had as much pigment and pop as my favorite Stila matte eyeliners.  Silver, Charcoal and Violet all have a really intense sheen and shimmer to them that really make them pop out.  Sky Blue and Black are super matte and super pigmented.  Here is how Sky Blue and Black look on my eyes below:

As you can see, they are super pigmented and really brighten the eyes.

Above:  Creamy Lip Stain Trio from the top down - Tulip, Valentine and Sugar

The Creamy Lip Stains feel like a very non-sticky gloss that wears off fairly quickly (after about an hour and a cup of coffee it was mostly gone) but leaves behind a nice stain so the lips still have a punch of color.  Violet is a very Radient Orchid type of color, Valentine is a fruit punch pink and Sugar is a light pinky nude.

Above:  Creamy Lip Stain in Valentine

Valentine looked really nice and bright on my lips, it didn't really bleed into my lips at all and went on really nicely.  It has a tiny bit of a cooling sensation when you first put it on as well!  IT is also fairly moisturizing which is really nice.

Above:  Cynthia Rowley Eyeshadow Palette No. 2

This palette definitely screams SPRING!  I haven't had a chance to swatch it yet but will soon.  It consists of 5 shades - Cotton Candy which is a violet shade (shouldn't it be pink?), Licorice which is a shimmery black, Confetti which is light pink with purple and yellow spots throughout, Cloud which is a pistachio and Marshmallow which is an almost yellow.  All of these are powder shades.

Here is the full look I did today with these:

All in all, I"m really impressed with the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Spring 2014 collection so far!  The eyeliners are pigmented and bold and the lip stains are light, not sticky, fun colors and do leave a nice stain.  All of these items are available at Birchbox.  The Eyeliners retail for $16 each, the Creamy Lip Stain Trio is $45 or individual Cream Lip Stains are $20 each. They Eyeshadow Palette is $24 or you can get the Spring Set of the eyeshadow palette, a neoprene makeup bag, mini black eyeliner and mini lip stain in Valentine for $35!

What did you think of these colors?  Would you try it?  Any must haves?  Any dupes?

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


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